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Good Business

Why Group Dental Coverage Makes Good Business

Interested in keeping more of your employees and reducing turnover? The latest data suggests that one good way to do this is to offer them quality group dental coverage.

Dental Supply vs. Dental Demand

Across all generations, there is greater demand for preventive and cosmetic services as new technologies and techniques and Americans have become more educated about their teeth. You can also browse online resources or online websites to find more information and book your teeth whitening treatment.



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More Patients Chasing Fewer Dentists

Additionally, "available chair hours" are decreasing because the average practitioner is over 50, and dentists tend to work shorter hours as they get older. 

That's why it's important for employers to understand how the dental network builds and maintains its relationships with network providers as the number of providers in a given dental plan is only one of several questions employers need to ask before they purchase dental coverage including:

1. Is the number of providers growing?

2. Are there strategies for growing the plan?

3. What is the provider retention rate?

The last question is an important indicator of network stability and the increased likelihood that an employee's favorite dentist will choose to remain in the plan.

Managing Dental Expenditures

Equally important to cost-effectiveness, however, is equipping employees to take responsibility for maintaining their oral health and become astute consumers of professional care when it is needed.


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