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guardianship attorney arizona

Learn About Different Types Of Guardianships In Arizona

When a loved one can no longer take care of themselves, a guardian may need to be appointed. There are many different types of guardianships and each has its own set of rights and benefits. 

A legal guardianship is the most common type of guardianship in Arizona. A guardian is someone appointed by a court to act on behalf of an individual who can no longer make decisions for themselves due to a mental or physical disability. 

The legal guardian is responsible for making sure that the individual receives their needs, including food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education. You can navigate to to get more information about guardianship to protect your needs.

To apply for a legal guardianship inArizona, you must file a petition with the court. The petitioner (the person filing the petition) must provide evidence that the individual cannot make decisions for themselves due to their disability and that appointing a legal guardian is in their best interest. The court will then appoint a guardian based on the evidence submitted.

The guardian typically has full authority over all financial and personal decisions that would ordinarily be made for the ward, including health care decisions. If you are considering appointing a guardian for yourself or someone you love, it is important to speak with an attorney who can offer guidance and help protect your rights and benefits.


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