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Why is Shungite the Stone of Life

Shungite is very unusual, rocking from silver to black. What is inside is a different molecular structure from other minerals that we find on earth. It consists mainly of the carbon keys for life as we know it. And we only find them in a small area of this whole beautiful planet: Karelia, Russia.

The Shung tribe got their modern name around 1880, along with a village near one of the first mining sites called Shungga. Known as the "Life Stone", Russians have known the Shung tribe for a long time and it is only recently that the country has heard more about them. You can also get shungite water kit online.

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There is a lot we can share about Shungite. There is also a rabbit hole of so-called "facts" and information that sometimes contradicts and sometimes raises more questions than answers.

Here we have summarized the basic things that have been discussed in detail, along with explanations and instructions on how to use the various kinds of items we offer. Not all, but many references, come from a book entitled SHUNGIT – Protection, Healing and Detoxification by Regina Martino.

This unique reading is specifically recommended by our Russian subsidiary, Skyline Minerals. Shungite is predominantly carbonaceous but shows no signs of crystallization like coal, graphite or diamond. The molecules are arranged in a unique and intelligent way. It is believed to have formed from unicellular life (as a strong theory) but does not fall into the category of fossil fuels.

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