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What Is Bradford Points Calculator?

What's the Bradford Factor?

The Bradford Factor is an easy maths equation many companies use to understand staff absence rates. The Bradford Factor is a simple formula that assigns a score to each employee in your company. This is how the formula looks:

SxSxD = Bradford Factor score

Instead of doing the calculations manually, you can use the amazing software Bradford Points calculator. Simply enter the scores of your employee and the calculator will do the calculations for you. It will help you to run your organization smoothly.

Trigger points for Bradford Factor

Different companies use different methods to assess Bradford Factor scores. Employers may have 'trigger points' that are met and flagged to their managers. The company can decide where these trigger points are and what actions they will trigger. A one-time trigger point for the Bradford Factor could be an informal conversation with a line manager. A higher trigger point might set in motion a more formal discipline process.

The Bradford Factor:

There is much debate in HR circles about the Bradford Factor's actual and real-world utility. Let's look at the benefits of the Bradford Factor.

Benefits of the Bradford Factor

  • It is efficient

It takes very little time to do this calculation, and it is easy to automate. Many HR software comes pre-installed with the Bradford Factor, so you can immediately start using it.

  • Fair

The Bradford Factor, a mathematical equation, will treat all people the same regardless of their gender. An equation can be used to protect against favoritism in HR departments.

Let's take a moment to slow down. The Bradford Factor quickly begins to crumble if you don't understand any of these benefits.

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