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Tips To Install A New Furnace

Installing a new furnace may be accomplished by a handy homeowner. There are some things you'll have to be aware of.

The first thing to do when replacing your furnace is to study the various models available. Don't assume that you require the same BTU furnace as the one you are using. It may be better off using an even smaller furnace, especially when you're replacing an inefficient older furnace with an efficient latest Furnace. 

Make sure whether the size of your new furnace permits it to fit in the same space and to work with the current return and supply ducts.

The next step is to take down that old furnace. If you decide to do this, make sure you plan carefully to fix the new furnace .

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Take out the electrical supply as well as the oil or gas lines. Take them apart carefully. 

The majority of new furnaces aren't as tall as older ones, which means you'll have to either block the furnace and reduce the return pipe, or need to connect it to existing ductwork and then hold it up against the supply duct and construct the new duct that connects to the supply. 

Also, make sure you follow the directions of the manufacturer. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's directions! In the manual for installation, you will find very clear installation instructions. 

Be sure to adhere to the instructions precisely. There are also directions on how to start the furnace. The instructions will guide you with the start-up and check-up procedures. 

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