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Birthstone Jewelry For June – Alexandrite

Alexandrite, used in birthstone jewelry in June, is one of the most common gemstones found on earth. It is recognized as a birthstone in June and is the gemstone used for wedding anniversaries. It belongs to the chrysoberyl family and consists of a mixture of chromium, aluminum, iron, titanium, and the minerals chrysoberyl.

Properties for changing alexandrite color

This real June 21 birthstone is especially valuable because it can change color significantly. Compared to other gemstones such as diamond and sapphire, alexandrite is a relatively new gemstone on the market that was only discovered nearly 150 years ago. This gem is named the "magic gem" because it represents a mystical color representation.

Alexandrite stone quality

It is important to consider the amount of color change when evaluating alexandrite. The gemstone is considered rarer and of greater value when the color change is more complete and intense. 

Take care of your alexandrite jewelry

It is best to keep alexandrite away from extreme heat as this can reduce the effect of its discoloration. Soapy water or alcohol or other commercially available products can be used to clean these gemstones. If ultrasonic or steam cleaning is required, qualified jewelry must be used.

Source Alexandrite

The source of alexandrite is now practically mined, although the mine is still operational and produces small amounts of rock each year. The stones from these sources have their distinct characteristics: for example, Ceylon stones have a gray tone and Brazilian rocks with a yellow-green.

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