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Lead Roofs

Things You Need To Know About Lead Roofs

Lead is a light, heavy metal, and its resiliency and malleable properties make it the ideal material for construction, particularly for outdoor construction which is used to keep rainwater out. It has been employed in construction for quite a long duration and is one of the strongest metals.


With various thicknesses and weights, You can utilize sheets of lead for a variety of different purposes. If you are planning to utilize sheets for a long period of duration, thicker sheets are suggested. If the usage is short-term or temporary it is possible to use lighter sheets employed. You can also hire lead roofing services in Lewisham for the same.

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Nowadays, lead is used in:

  • Access hatch covers
  • Apron Flashings
  • Bay windows
  • Chimney Flashings
  • Clapping on the parapet wall
  • Outlets for rainwater
  • Roof hips
  • Secret gutters
  • Dormer Flashes
  • Gable Flashings

It is crucial to leave sufficient gaps to allow for thermal movement. If you make use of sheets that are too large to construct your home, stresses could be created that result in the loss of lead. You can seek out technical advice from construction firms in the industry on the use of lead sheets that are suitable for construction. Additionally, care must be taken when nailing the lead sheets. To avoid metal contact with non-safe metals it is best to use copper. Alternatively, the stainless steel nail is usually advised.

Although lead has great resistance to alkalis, it is possible that the alkalis in new cement acids from timbers and sometimes moss, lichen, and algae cause damage to the lead's surface. It is recommended to offer temporary protection so that biological growth is hindered. Inspection of roofs properly should be carried out following heavy rain and storms. Repairing lead roofs as well as other lead work requires the technical expertise to determine the root of the damage and then fix it. 

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