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Key Factors In Urban Planning

Urban planners, who are also called regional planners, collaborate with local government officials and city residents alike to determine what an area needs and which improvements will help the region both in the present and the future.

Today, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Adding housing or commercial space to a neighborhood, renewing an economically depressed area, and planning for future population growth are all necessities in today’s cities. You can also hire the best town planners in Gold Coast via

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Here are a few key factors all urban planners must consider when developing a region:

1. Planners must pay attention to the area’s environment

Physical environment: This includes the location of the city or town as well as the area’s geologic history. A desert town has different needs than a city with plenty of green space on the coast of the Pacific Northwest. 

Social environment: The existing social fabric of a town or city is a crucial component in the expansion or revitalization of a particular area. Planners must pay attention to the resources available to different demographics in the region, like public transportation.

2. City planners need to consider city residents

Urban planning used to rely solely on hand-drawn plants to design spaces. Today, this discipline takes into account other factors, like the goals of a particular region. 

Many cities opted to build expressways in place of historic buildings or neighborhoods, which were often demolished despite public outcry. This issue continues today, despite state and federal efforts to preserve important landmarks.

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