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log cabin restoration

Log Home Restoration Services

Log Home restoration and maintenance is a specialty service that has the potential to offer great opportunities. There are companies that offer this as a part of their services and there are companies in the niche market that specialize solely in this area of Exterior Wood Restoration.

These companies are far and few between and log cabin owners often have a hard time finding companies that perform this work well and professionally.

If you are looking for log home restoration services, then you can visit

There are over 500,000 log cabins in the United States and over 20,000 built every year which is why there are so many opportunities for these services. People who purchase a log home are different from your typical homeowner and are aware of the cost of continued maintenance on these special structures. Many of these homeowners are challenged when trying to find a company that can maintain these beautiful homes.

Offering these services has many pluses for your company. These services tend to be both higher dollar projects and higher profit jobs. These jobs, when successfully completed are personally rewarding as well as the positive word of mouth advertising they produce. You will not be disappointed in the number of referrals you will get from one project.

When you get a call for one of these jobs it is best to start keeping records immediately. Having a job sheet with important information on each project is important now and for future maintenance.

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