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melasma treatment in Melbourne

Melasma: The Symptoms, Causes, and Effective Treatments

What is Melasma? This is a very common skin disease that mostly affects pregnant women and those women who take patch contraceptive pills or HRT (hormone replacement therapy) drugs. Melasma results in dark stains on the forehead, upper lip, upper cheek, and chin. Melasma conditions worsen due to sun exposure and hormonal changes. 

Which are the main symptoms? The most important symptom is extremely simple to find out which includes irregular dark spots that grow slowly over time. There aren't any such symptoms aside from discoloration.

What are the main factors? It can affect both men and women due to some unknown factor.

Which are the effective remedies? To begin with, it ought to be diagnosed with the assistance of a highly skilled dermatologist. Stop taking birth control pills and protect the skin from direct exposure to the sun. You may also visit Hyperhidrosis Treatment Melbourne (Excessive Sweating) – Chroma Dermatology centre to get the melasma treatment. 


For dry skin, utilizing a gentle cleanser and light moisturizer is also an effective choice. Some bleaching creams, such as hydroquinone, azelaic acid, and kojic acid, are all good for treating dark spots. Try lotions with salicylic acid and topical retinoid, laser treatment can also be good to relieve the problem.

Aloe vera is an excellent approach to treating melasma, it can lighten dark spots and smooth the outward look. The ideal alternative is to drink a juice made from Aloe Vera since what one eats has its impact on appearance. Another strategy is to treat melasma through extracts of grape seeds, these are typically found in tablets, liquids, and capsules. Anti-fungal properties help fight the main causes of the problem and supply appreciable results. 

Everything You Should Know About Melasma Skin Problem

Nobody likes abusive skin ailment. How your skin looks can define feelings of self-worth. Melasma is among the unwanted skin conditions.  Melasma (also known as hormonal pigmentation or mask of pregnancy) is most often harmless and most individuals with this skin disease may have psychological problems in character.

Both women and men may experience melasma. But about 90 percent of all melasma cases occur in women. Pregnant women are vulnerable to melasma as a result of hormonal changes related to their pregnancy.


For elderly women, melasma can dissolve in only a few months. Melasma during pregnancy is named Melasma gravidarum or maternity mask. It's temporary and doesn't need any serious treatment. Studies indicate that melasma happens more frequently in women and men of American descent.

Age spots are not melasma, but have the very same symptoms as melasma and generally occur in older individuals. Skin inflammation of the skin can be treated in the same manner. Melasma can also develop by having plasma hormone replacement therapy and taking hormone-related drugs. 

Melasma can also be formed in excess of sunlight. We all know that harmful sun rays are bad for the skin. In intense cases, sun-damaged skin may lead to skin cancer, also known as melanocarcinoma.

Melasma appears more pronounced on fair skin. For that reason, companies have developed many treatment options to eliminate melasma. If you're pregnant, then you should be attentive to your physician before treating any condition. 

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