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Finding Local Car Auctions

When looking for a great car, and a lot, finding a local car auction should be your first step. There are a number of types of local car auctions.

Government vehicle auctions are usually scheduled to auction off property confiscated for several reasons, often returning tax obligations or bankruptcy problems.

You can opt for local car auction if you want to buy cars in an auction

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They can come from the Internal Revenue Service or an auction seized by Marshal Police used by cities to get rid of a property that has been abandoned or confiscated by the police department for illegal activities such as dealing with drugs.

A dealer car auction is a regularly scheduled auction where car dealers can buy or sell car inventory, and most finance companies are also represented at this auction. Lenders sell their off-leasing units and vehicles taken over at local car auctions.

With local car auctions conducted regularly, the value for these vehicles at auction is lower than elsewhere. In general, prices are lower for many models at auction and higher for less.

For example, if there are hundreds of Ford Taurus models that run through auctions that are not rented out, they are likely to sell at a bargain at a low price. Most likely, you will see many managers from local Ford stores picking them up at dealer automatic auctions. Cars that have been confiscated and sold through government vehicle auctions or police auctions are usually unique, and the price will be higher.

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