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outdoor ping pong tables

How to Buy the Best Ping Pong Table

Pingpong is a popular indoor sport that many people enjoy. It can be used for both recreational and competitive training purposes. An indoor table tennis table can be a significant investment in your home. You can also buy outdoor and indoor ping-pong tables via

Here are some things to consider before making this investment:

  • Tabletop thickness

The most important aspect of the Ping Pong Table is its top. The tabletop should be at least one inch thick to provide a consistent bounce for the ball (25mm).

Beginners and recreational players will not notice a difference in bounce, so they can choose equipment with a thinner top. 

  • Frame support

Another important consideration is the table's undercarriage, which consists of the legs as well as the chassis.

The top should be able to support its heavyweight, which should be around 80 kg on average.

You can check the following features to determine the item's stability:

* The thickness of the legs.

* The number of connections in the chassis.

  • Wheels

Although stationary tables are more stable than rollaway tables, if you intend to move them around at home, it is better to buy one with wheels.

You can find rollaway tables with:

* 2 wheels in each half

* 4 wheels with central chassis undercarriage.

* 8 wheels, each half having its own set 4 wheels.

Look for a portable model that is simple to set up and disassemble. If you have good rollers, you will be able to move the table around with ease. Tables with rollers and brakes can be purchased to keep the table from rolling around in storage.

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