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P2P Lending

The Major Pros Of Peer To Peer Lending

P2P lending is gaining traction and seems certain to become even more popular. There are P2P lending companies in almost all countries including the United Kingdom, Italy, China, Japan, and USA, with a startup operation in many other countries.

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The main benefits of P2P loans for individuals are:

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The lender can take back a couple of percentage points above those for Bank; borrowers enjoy the same cost advantage compared to the price at a bank or credit union.

Many people like to know who they lend money to and why they need the money. Not just give them a sense of personal satisfaction, but they can choose what they believe the borrower will repay the loan in full and on time.

There are aspects of charity for such loans. If a potential borrower has the financial history dodgy but a sympathetic story to tell, lenders are willing to choose to forgo a higher return and assume a greater risk to fund the loan.

There can be a real sense of community in a P2P lending site. Forums tend to be active, with users who are eager to exchange information about lending and borrowing experience. Proposed changes in the policies of P2P lending is a topic of vigorous debate.

Some people just hate the banks and will do anything to avoid using them.

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