The Best Bait For Saltwater Fishing In Mexico

If you want the fish to bite, you need to have the right bait. After all, fishing is about fooling the fish, making them believe that your line is just a piece of prey. As such, you need to fool them not only by sight but by taste as well. 

They will use their sense of taste to determine if something is edible. As such, your bait needs to be enticing enough for them to chomp down on it. When it comes to saltwater fishing, a variety of live and cut baits will work for your needs:

Live bait

For saltwater fishing via, live bait is usually your best bet. They’re harder to manage, though, so only expert anglers should be handling live bait. Crabs used alongside your lightest hooks, leader, and the line is the best combination for saltwater fishing. Just make sure you don’t touch the bait too much before putting it onto the hook.

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Cut bait

If you’re a beginner angler or simply not comfortable with the idea of using live bait, you can always turn to cut bait. In order to trick the fish into thinking the bait is prey, you want to keep your bait fresh and firm, with the eyes clear and the gills red. To keep it this way, we suggest freezing your bait in a vacuum-packed package and then, while you’re out on the water, keeping it on ice inside of a cooler.

You have a few choices when it comes to cut bait, including:

  1. Clams

  2. Mussels

  3. Shrimp

  4. Squid