Things To Consider When Choosing Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewellery has always been associated with magnificence and splendour since prehistoric times. You can buy the best pearl jewellery from

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Few things are to be taken into consideration while choosing pearl jewellery. They are as follows: 

Shape: Mostly round-shaped pearl is preferred though it is a bit expensive.

Size: There are four species of pearl. They are Tahitian, South Sea, Akoya and freshwater. Freshwater pearls have changed for decades due to the change of mollusc species. 

are available in a wide array of shapes and colours making them as expensive as a saltwater pearl which is costlier because of their sizes. South sea pearls are the largest ranging from 10-20 mm. Tahitians also in bigger in size but lesser than south sea pearls. 

Colour: Pearl jewellery comes in two colours- light and dark. Light coloured pearls are found in white, gold, pinkish, cream or off-white shades. Pinkish pearl is pretty popular to those who like to try something different. Black pearls are known as dark coloured pearl, these are valuable than the light coloured ones. Black pearls are cultured and not found naturally.

Lustre: Luster or sheen is also to be considered. The light reflection on its surface is to be considered for determining how much it is polished.

If you are looking to gift someone with jewellery, pearl jewellery is one of the best options. Pearl pendants, necklace, pearl bracelets, earrings are various alternatives.