Three Types of Forklift Tyres

The forklift has been regarded as one of the most hassle-free weapons in lifting heavy materials from one place to another. The tyres of this beneficial machine are made and designed in accordance with its purposes.  And you will undoubtedly have to establish the tyres that you will be using to improve your forklift performance.

Generally, there are three types of forklift tyres

And the first one is the Pneumatic tyres.

Pneumatic forklift tyres are very similar to heavy-duty truck tyres. They are filled with air, have a thick, deep tread, and are made of strong rubber that resists wearing down. They extend the life of the forklift by providing an air cushion between the forklift and the terrain.

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The second one would be the Solid rubber tyres

Solid rubber tyres are an alternative to pneumatic tyres. They are the same except that they are solid rather than filled with air. They will not pop or go flat like pneumatic tyres, but they do not provide an air cushion either. They are very long-lasting and are excellent for indoor use or light outdoor use.

Last but not least would be Polyurethane tyres 

Polyurethane forklift tyres are mostly used on indoor forklifts. They are usually pressed on to the wheel, which is the easiest way to apply a tyre. They are great for indoor use because they provide the right amount of traction and have a low rolling resistance that prolongs their lifespan. 

With all the information provided to you about the varieties of forklift tyres, you can now easily decide which form you will use for your forklift.