What Is A Dental Implant?

Dental implants are composed of a titanium rod that is inserted surgically into the jawbone at the site of the tooth to be replaced. A metal extension is attached to the titanium rod once the rod has merged with the jaw and the ceramic prosthetic tooth that is attached to the metal extension after casting is made by the patient's teeth so that the prosthesis can be molded to fit perfectly.

Titanium because it is an inert metal, is the metal of choice for the best dental implant in Brooklyn, NY. Titanium, unlike steel used in early implants with disastrous results, does not trigger the rejection response from the body and merge into the jawbone without negative side effects.

dental implants

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Dental implant titanium-based, in fact, actually strengthens the jaw because the stress of biting and chewing with the implant increases the bone density.

The dental implant procedure normally occurs in the following phases over nine months to a year. In the first phase, the dental surgeon will make an incision in the gum where the tooth to be replaced, drill a hole in the jawbone, and insert the titanium rod to the dental implant.

The second phase of the process when the dental implant is a dental surgeon attaches the extension of the titanium rod below the gum line and takes a mold of the patient's mouth from which can be made of a mold for ceramic dental prosthesis.