Why Is Russia So Obsessed With Ukraine?

The border with Ukraine has recently heated up as Russia continues to recruit more than 100,000 troops and threatens a possible invasion. What started as an alleged Russian "military exercise" near the Ukrainian border has now developed into a full-scale military situation.

While Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, has so far emphatically denied any motive for invading Ukraine, this does not mean that an invasion of any kind is completely ruled out. To know more about Russia and Ukraine wars, you can also navigate https://warukraine.co/.

The United States and other European countries have warned Russia of serious consequences if it attacks Ukraine. The West already has military aid in Ukraine, and the European Union is seeking more than $1 billion in loans. But why did Russia even try to invade Ukraine? And could this lead to something as big as the next world war?

Russia continues to expand its military bases near the Russia-Ukraine and Russia-Belarus borders. The number of personnel stationed here has grown to over 125,000. Satellite images also confirm the presence of heavy offensive weapons and artillery on the Russian side of the border.

So far, diplomats from the US and European governments, along with Russia, are conducting several rounds of talks about the developing situation.

Russia insists it will not attack Ukraine. But the reality in that country, with Russia's ever-increasing military presence, tells a different story. Putin has said that Russia will not reduce tensions until its demands are met.